All negative responses didn’t stop her dream

I’m here with Preity who has just secured a job as a junior developer. So firstly, congratulations.

Thank you.

You're welcome. So hey, tell us before you came to Industry Connect, what kind of experience did you have in the New Zealand job market?

So I came here in June, 2014 at that time, I had only a visitor visa but after getting a work visa, I started applying for jobs and I don't know why, but I didn't get any response. All negative responses, no positive responses. then I knew that to secure a job in New Zealand, it’s very important to have a New Zealand experience which I didn’t have so I joined Industry Connect and after joined Industry Connect, I joined Central station as an intern and then I started getting calls, and now I’m here.



So, while you were here at Industry Connect, what kind of technical experience did you pick up?

So, here at Industry Connect, I learned, C#, AngularJS, not
exactly AngularJS but they taught us that as well. And here, we are working with Kendo UI. I also learned here SSRS, so yeah.

Cool. And in terms of soft skills and communication along that line, what kind of skills?

Yeah. After starting working here, I think because of here, I improved my communication skills so much and I think now, I’m more confident and I can please anything actually.

Awesome. That’s good, yeah.

And for anyone who is considering probably doing Industry Connect, what would your recommendation to them be?

So yeah. If you want a job in the IT industry in New Zealand, it’s good to join Industry Connect. At Industry Connect, you are not only getting skills but you are also getting experience which is mandatory in New Zealand to get an IT job.

Awesome. Well, congratulations, Preity.

Thank you.

Thank you so much.

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