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A new way of learning – offline plus online

Industry Connect developed a new way to keep their participants engaged with learning.
The combined learning experience of both offline and online has received great success.
Check out the interview with Chanuri and see what she wants to say about
her experience to kick-start her career as software developer.

I got highest mark, I posted some questions and comments on the question hub.
I always read the articles, those are very useful, every word in that article is very helpful.
There are stuff about getting through interviews and getting CV right...

Are Kiwi Companies Ignoring Job Applicants’ Overseas Experience?

I'm here today with Martin who just secured his first contract as a software developer here in New Zealand. So firstly, huge congratulations to you.

Thank you.

You’re welcome.

So tell me, before coming to Industry Connect, what kind of experience did you have overseas and why did you decide to come to Industry Connect ?

Ok, so first a little bit about myself. I come from Latvia. I have a Master’s degree in computer science and also 10 years experience working as a back-end developer. And when I came to New Zealand, I was trying to apply for jobs and I spent a couple months in Wellington and applied for any jobs, but I just didn't get any answer. And they were looking for someone who already has New Zealand experience so I made my choice and I joined Industry Connect and I think it was the right decision.

And you said you already had 10 years back in Latvia that many where you came from. Tell us about some technical skills that you picked up because you already had quite a lot of skills.


Tell us about some technical skills.

For me, I was more or less a back-end developer and the web world was quite new for me. So, joining Industry Connect, I learned a lot about MBC, front-end technologies like Kendo UI, and I realize now that the whole picture which is going on in the IT world and it’s very good.

Awesome. And here at Industry Connect, you worked on a live project with a team. Do you want to tell us about what the experience was like with that?

Ok, yeah of course, my team. I will always remember my team. It is team Mamogina and we were awesome. When our team was a little bit struggling, out of petrol so the tank was quite empty but it was a lot of fun also working with them.

Great. That’s awesome to hear. And for anyone who was considering possibly coming to Industry Connect, what would your advice be to them?

Just go hard and try and of course, join Industry Connect because they will provide you with technologies and also you will have experience and this I think is the most important thing, to have experience and Industry Connect are great with it, and you will pick up many technologies, and also working with people, and when you are sending your CV, they will see, ok, this guy already has experience in New Zealand Great. We should give him a call and learn more about him. I think he’ll definitely be awesome. Good choice.

Ok, well thank you so much and congratulations on your new job.

Thank you.

You’re welcome.

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