“Applied 30 jobs but none of them came through”, says a recent Auckland University graduate

Hi everyone. Today we're talking to Minh who started with us at Industry Connect four weeks ago, and he had already secured himself a staff a full-time job as a machine vision engineer. Congratulations Minh.

Thank you.

Tell us a bit about how you came to be with Industry Connect and how Industry Connect has helped you to secure this job.

Yeah sure. so, before Industry Connect, I attended University of Auckland with a Mechatronics degree. So, that was a four-year degree. So, I finished a few months ago and after that, I start looking for jobs. But what I found is that I applied for 20, 30 jobs but none of them came through. So, I start looking online because sometimes, I got depressed because I thought it was because of my skills or because of my personality so I start looking online for something else I could do while looking for jobs. Something to improve myself, and I stumbled upon Industry Connect on Facebook. I was a bit skeptical at first because it says that they offer a scholarship on Facebook which is something I've never heard of before, but after looking through your web sites and the testimonials with the number of success stories that are there, I was really confident about it and then I started to apply. After talking to Ray, I understand that this is the right path for me so I was lucky enough to get onto the scholarship program. While here, I learned a lot of useful industry relevant skills such as Microsoft skills in C Sharp SQL and that. I thought that that wasn't helping me with anything but once I got an interview a few weeks ago, I realized that the company was really interested into the skills that I've learned here. So, that's partly the reason why I got the job.

Oh, that’s wonderful. Did you just say that you’d just been through Industry Connect
or you were with us, and that was quite a good point that they looked upon favourably?

Yes. They were quite surprised and they asked me a lot about Industry Connect and I was really happy to tell them all about it, and the people here are amazing, and everyone is really helpful and I'm just really glad to be in this program.

So, if you are out in the street and you just met someone standing in the bus stop, and you’re just chatting about what you guys do. What would you say to them, if they were into IT, what would you say to them about Industry Connect?

If I were to talk to someone who's keen on getting a job or into the IT industry, and they’re keen about Industry Connect, I'd tell them that this is not a free ticket to a job, but rather, it helps to smooth the process a lot. And the people here are really passionate. The teachers, the people here and the caliber of the people here is amazing as well. I know someone who has a night job. He works as a cleaner just so he can afford to come here every day and learn. Yeah, so you will be tested, you will be challenged and you will learn more useful skills and it's a worthwhile experience.

Thanks so much Minh. We really wish you all the best in your adventure and wherever it takes you, we know that because the way that you've presented yourself, your attitude and how you've taken off everything on board when you've been here, we know that you're going to go far.

Thank you.

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