Is English accent stopping people getting into local job market?

I’ m here today with Michael who has just secure da job as a software engineer. So Michele, before you came to Industry Connect, what was your experience in trying to find a job here in New Zealand?

I was working in Singapore for seven years before me and my wife moved here to New Zealand. So, I have several interviews in the past and I successfully landed a face to face interview, but not lucky to land a job here in New Zealand.

And Industry Connect, what kind of experience did you gain or skills did you gain in terms of development that you didn’t have overseas?

Okay. In Industry Connect, you will gain real word experience in commercial practice. So you will learn all the Microsoft technologies like .net, sql server. So, I learned all that stuff during my intern year in Industry Connect.

Great. And in terms of soft skills, what kind of advice and experience were you given around those areas?

Okay. In terms of soft skills, I was able to improve my communication skills, because when we came here, I was able to, because the accent was different, really different. So it’s tough for the new people to understand the New Zealand accent. But in Industry Connect, because we’re communicating most of the time, so I was able to improve my communications skills, and I was able to boost my confidence to become friendly to people.


And also able to understand most of the slang language that they use here.

Awesome. And for someone else who is looking at potentially doing Industry Connect, what would your advice to them be?

If you’re from a software development background like me, and you want to gain a New Zealand experience, Industry Connect is highly recommended, so you should go for it to gain commercial experience in New Zealand.

Awesome. Thanks Michael. Good job on getting your new job.

Thank you very much.

And I wish you all the best.


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