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Kick start your career as a test analyst

Lance is a fresh graduate who received a job from Fiserv as a test analyst after joining Industry Connect. He polished his CV writing skills and technical skills while at Industry Connect and also gained precious industry knowledge.

Gain insight into New Zealand IT market

Shruti completed her postgraduate diploma in information science at AUT. She had no prior experience with automation testing so it was a steep learning curve. She was exposed to New Zealand working culture and brushed up on her interpersonal skills through Industry Connect. Industry Connect help point her in the right direction to land a job.

Kick start your career as a software developer

Helen had prior experience in user experience design through an internship. However, she wants to pursue a career as a software developer and needed software development experience. Through Industry Connect, she learnt popular front-end technologies and ASP.NET MVC. She also gained exposure to different roles. She progressed from a regular intern to a mentor, and finally to a leader. Being in Industry Connect helped her understand how leaders think and thus helping her to work better as a team member.

Gain insight into interview and CV writing skills

Galen had a few years of experience working as a business analyst back in China. He came to New Zealand to further his studies and graduated with a master. He found it hard to secure a business analyst job because he did not have any local experience. He gained insight into interview and CV writing skills at Industry Connect and finally secured an IT job in New Zealand.