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Re-entering the Software work force – Episode 2

Re-entering the Software work force – Episode 2

Hi again everyone. Here today with Othman with who has just received a job from Finance Now. First of all, congratulations Othman.

Thank you very much.

Well done. Can you tell us a little about your prior programming experience before coming to Industry Connect?

Yeah. I came to New Zealand in 2008 and before that, I worked as a senior analyst programmer. And there I used a language not familiar in New Zealand and that's called Progress 4GL. And I used to do systems analysis and design as well as programming there.

Okay. Cool. And what do you think Industry Connect helped you with in terms of getting a job?

Oh major, major, help. A lot of help. It was like an eye opener and it gave me the experience with the latest technologies which are being used in New Zealand as well as the soft skills as well: presentation, assisting us with the interviews, and generally giving us practical experience as well and learning from top staff but you cannot get anywhere else. And they use the latest technology as well.

Okay. Awesome. And would you have any advice for someone considering joining Industry Connect who was in a similar situation?

Yes, I would really recommend Industry Connect. I think it helped me as well as the
rest of my colleagues to find jobs because I was very disheartened when I first came.

I actually lost hope that I was going to find a job and because of Industry Connect, they rekindled my IT experience and I like to work. Because I did a lot of non-IT work after I came to New Zealand thinking that I was going to give up on IT. Having Industry Connect has rekindled and started my whole IT life.

That’s awesome.